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The current test release of Digital Atmosphere is V0.32a

This is the place to get help with Digital Atmosphere, suggest improvements, and get tips.
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Tim Vasquez
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The current test release of Digital Atmosphere is V0.32a

Post by Tim Vasquez »

A patch for DA Alpha (V0.32a - 15 Nov 03) is available at:

This requires the core components to be installed first, if you
haven't done so already since August. The core components
are at:

Please note -- ALPHA and BETA versions are TEST VERSIONS
and will contain a large number of bugs and incomplete
features. Do NOT download if you are unfamiliar with
Digital Atmosphere, will be needing assistance, or you
are evaluating the software for purchase. Thank you.

Tim Vasquez

Below is a list of improvements in V0.32a:

VERSION WORKSTATION 0.32alpha (15 Nov 2003)

· Algorithm added to read the server directory when a front bulletin is being imported. If a server directory structure is accessed on the same path as the file desired, the time tokens are discarded and the last file in the directory list is queued for download. [This is a significant development in the Digital Atmosphere line that allows DA to consistently obtain the latest frontal bulletin from a standard server that allows directory listings. It has been a much-needed capability. Digital Atmosphere depends on a consistent appearance of a directory listing, and this algorithm may not work if a server begins listing four-digit years in the directory listing, goes to a strange directory format, or the last file on the page is not the latest frontal bulletin. If this occurs please contact me with details.]

· The weather symbol fonts have been thoroughly reworked. Fonts have been scaled down in relative size and left/right bounds have been repaired on a few symbols. Fonts now include pressure tendency and cloud code symbols. This allows integration of full station plot data. In summary, ASCII slots 040-049 contain augmented sky cover symbols; 050-059 contain automated sky cover symbols; 060-068 contain pressure tendency; 069 the symbol for automated observation with no sky cover report; 071-079 contain low clouds; 081-089 contain middle clouds; and 091-099 contain high clouds; and 100-199 contain standard WMO weather symbols. IF YOU INSTALL THE PATCH AND ARE STILL MISSING CLOUD AND PRESSURE TENDENCY SYMBOLS, PLEASE DELETE THE "WeatherSymbols" FONT FROM YOUR CONTROL PANEL > FONTS AND REINSTALL THE PATCH -- AND NOTIFY ME OF THE PROBLEM. [The new fonts allows further improvements to plotting functionality in the Alpha version.]

· Digital Atmosphere plotting module has been revised to handle the new fonts and to add pressure tendency, pressure trend, and cloud symbols back into the plots. [This further enhances functionality in the Alpha version.]

· A checkbox for Suspend Highs/Lows has been added to the "Fronts" Toolbar Control Panel as well as to Preferences > Analysis (which cannot be saved as a preference since it is for temporary use only. [Allows user to defeat plotting of High/Low labels on the map on demand, for example, when plotting the NCEP Fronts bulletin together with a METAR isobar analysis -- this prevents a duplicate field of H and L symbols from appearing on the map]

· A bug has been removed where a sky cover = 10 (automated with no sky cover result) created no station marking (in the classic DA a crosshair was plotted). This uses the new font symbol of a small circle with crosshair (ASCII 69). [Fixes station plots in the Alpha version where a station is not marked by any station circle or square.]

· Created a separate, independent download algorithm (not tied to the main download system) to allow internal downloads to a site (such as of a directory listing) without creating a programming mess. [May fix problems with erratic download behavior (including missing datasets) when trying to download NEXRAD radar data.]

· Hourglass has been added during Map > Generate operations. [Helps give user feedback as to when the system is busy.]

· Spacing of elements in a station plot has been expanded by 10%. [Allows station plot to be slightly less cluttered and maximizes ability to display weather symbols.]

· Bug was removed where a weather condition of 1 to 4 resulted in no weather symbol but left a blank area in the WX symbol area (pressing out the visibility value when set to "smart" and causing a value to be shown). 1 to 4 are now treated as no weather value. [Invisible "hijacking" of the weather symbol slot is now prevented.]

· Adds the missing USMAP.BMP file required for the Radar > Internet Radar Settings to show its information. [Fixes a bug in the Alpha release where going to Radar > Internet Radar Settings shows sites but no background map.]

· A correction was made to the front import module to fix an infinite loop during processing of frontal data. Also adds code to prevent writing of spurious frontal data. [Fixes lockups during data import. Fixes range check errors during data import. Fixes stray segments on frontal depictions.]
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