Small changes in radar module

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Tim Vasquez
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Small changes in radar module

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A couple of small changes in the radar module coming for V1.0n. You're welcome to comment on these before release. This is mostly of interest for United States and Puerto Rico users.

* The radar selection in Radar > Select NEXRAD Station will begin using four-letter identifiers to make it more compatible with Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico sites. The Quick Select panel will accept either 3-letter or 4-letter identifiers.

* The digatmos.rad file will now allow a template token for either a 3-letter or 4-letter identifier for a radar site. This will broaden Digital Atmosphere for use with Alaska and Hawaii (Pxxx) and Puerto Rico (Txxx) radar users by eliminating dependencies on Kxxx domestic radar sites.

* Changes in URLs are being made to digatmos.rad now that the NWS appears to be writing the latest file in each directory to sn.last rather than to a random filename. In existing Digital Atmosphere versions this required a directory read before accessing a file to determine the latest one, which was dumb as it costed 5 to 20 seconds and produced unnecessary load on their server. Accesses of detailed radar products from the NWS should be a lot faster now.

* Erroneous Hawaiian radar locations in digatmos.stn fixed and selection reference map updated.


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