Digital Atmosphere contest

After a slight delay, we are proud to announce that the results are in! Click on any of the links below to read the entries.

Grand prize

Our grand prize winner receives $250 and a lifetime pass to all products and software. The grand prize entry was selected for quality, clarity, and substance. Substance (and a focus on Digital Atmosphere and educational content) proved to be the deciding factor in this contest.

  • Angel Dimitrov


    These individuals receive a lifetime pass to all products and software.

  • Uwe Bergholter
  • Richard Berler
  • Dale Hardy
  • Eric Holden
  • John Kratenstein
  • Ton Lindemann
  • Fred van den Bosch
  • Peter Venlet

    Additional information

    All prizewinners: this is a reminder that lifetime free copies only apply to software and books created and published by Weather Graphics (not items sold on consignment, i.e. WX-SIM and RAOB). Prizes are limited to one item per version of a title. Lifetime benefits start today (March 16, 2007) and are not retroactive (i.e. no refunds for past purchases). Prizes are not sent automatically; you must request them. All entries will be retained for promotional use of Digital Atmosphere.

    We thank everybody for their participation!