Canadian Radars...again

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Canadian Radars...again

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Hey Tim, (and others), I wonder if you can provide some guidance on the Canadian Radar display issues.
I am having, ECCC Environment Canada has relocated all its radar file (GIF files) to;

(more info about ECCC’s datamart can be found here regarding the radar file structure; ... tamart_en/ ) ...its pretty straight forward

I have been trying to fix it, via the manual, all the many posts over the many years, etc, etc. with no luck, I have tried every combo imaginable , (@@@, ###, YDT, etc) and I think now I am too close to see the the tree from the forest.
I finally got to work to not give a bad error file and all the other, you screwed up again, here it is, my test sites King Radar and Franktown;
In the digatmos.rdy program file….

CDN ON:King City 1.00 256 239,239 0001,0001 0478,0478 04 43.86 -079.57 gif ... N_A11Y.gif #####base=/data/radar/temp_image/
CDN ON:Franktown 1.00 256 239,239 0001,0001 0478,0478 04 45.04 -076.11 gif ... N_A11Y.gif #####base=/data/radar/temp_image/

Does not hang, it completes its task, what I can see through the script but I keep getting this;
either two empty radar rings or "Invalid GIF Signature" - but it no longer gives 404 errors, and such errors

I have also modified the color table, from the original file that came with the program version: -v3.50a (2023.06.05) Professional to match the radar image, very close to the exact color scheme of that CAPPI_1.5_RAIN_A11Y.gif;

TABLE=04 // Canadian radars

Not asking for you to do the whole file, just have the radar display working to the best of your abilities, cause you know this program way better, and I will do the rest of the radar sites and send it back to you as a solid working .rdy file for Canadian radars,( new radars have come on line, locations have changed, etc.) and you can add it to the NextGen DA, and I will share with others. Thanks for your help, and DA is used a lot on my twitter- meso analysis during severe weather, etc. (I follow you there) and I keep sending weather weenies your way, cause they ask.

Thanks again,
Much appreciated

@mrwx4caster (on X)
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