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Weather plotting charts

Listed here are a number of key diagrams, plotting charts, and other graphics scanned by Weather Graphics and provided as a courtesy for forecasters. The PDF link provides the diagram in a letter-sized document. To print to 11x17" or other sizes, use the Page Handling options in Adobe Reader. Nearly all of these graphics are the work of the federal government and no copyright is claimed. We will likely add additional charts from our collection in the near future.

Thermodynamic Diagrams

Skew-T log P diagram, basic. This is the primary, essential Skew-T diagram.
SOURCE: U.S. Air Force DOD WPC 9-16 (1987).

JPG: wpc-916.jpg

PDF: wpc-916.pdf
Skew-T log P diagram, Compact
SOURCE: U.S. Air Force DOD WPC 9-16-1 (1978).

JPG: wpc9161.jpg

PDF: wpc9161.pdf
Skew-T log P diagram, with refractivity overprint
SOURCE: U.S. Air Force DOD WPC 9-16-2 (1968).

JPG: wpc9162.jpg

PDF: wpc9162.pdf
Skew-T log P diagram, 1000-400 mb (low level). This is a chart that is useful for working with inversions and performing accurate analysis of LCLs and parcels.
SOURCE: U.S. Air Force DOD WPC 9-16A (1977).

JPG: wpc916a.jpg

PDF: wpc916a.pdf
Skew-T log P diagram, formfeed version. This was presumably used for dot-matrix or teleprinter output from centers or from local software.
SOURCE: Unknown; probably U.S. Weather Bureau late 1960s.

JPG: skew_formfeed.jpg

PDF: skew_formfeed.pdf
Tephigram. This is one of the other significant types of thermodynamic diagrams.
SOURCE: University of Virginia & NSF Grant ATM 74-21701 (1978).

JPG: tephigram_trop.jpg

PDF: tephigram_trop.pdf
Arowagram. This type of thermodynamic diagram was preferred by the U.S. Navy in the 1950s and was useful for calculating refraction.
SOURCE: ATA Chart 17, reproduction of U.S. Navy diagram OPNAV FORM 3140-3 (aprx. 1950).

JPG: arowagram.jpg

PDF: arowagram.pdf
Skew-T log P diagram. This is essentially an ATA reproduction of WPC 9-16.
SOURCE: ATA Chart 20 (aprx. 1950).

JPG: ata20.jpg

PDF: ata20.pdf
Pastagram. The pastagram was introduced by John C. Bellamy in 1945. It is essentially a skew-T diagram but the upper part is an emagram.
SOURCE: Weathermasters Form JCB 460106 (1946), presumably for university or U.S. Weather Bureau use.
SOURCE (Literature): Bellamy, John C., 1945: The use of pressure altitude and altimeter corrections in meteorology. J. Meteor., 2, 1-79.

JPG: pastagram.jpg

PDF: pastagram.pdf
Pseudoadiabatic diagram. Basically an emagram.
SOURCE: USWB Chart D-29 (aprx 1958-1960).

JPG: pseudoadiabatic.jpg

PDF: pseudoadiabatic.pdf

Vector Diagrams

Maneuvering board. Can also be used as a hodograph.
SOURCE: U.S. Navy H.O. 2665-10 (1970).

JPG: usn_ho-2665-10_1970.jpg

PDF: usn_ho-2665-10_1970.pdf

Weather Plotting Charts

United States

JPG: uswb_15p91_1963.jpg

PDF: uswb_15p91_1963.pdf
United States (compact)

JPG: uswb_15p93_1965.jpg

PDF: uswb_15p93_1965.pdf
Southeast United States

JPG: uswb_10p94_1965.jpg

PDF: uswb_10p94_1965.pdf
Daily Weather Map

JPG: wpc-6-20-1_us_1969.jpg

PDF: wpc-6-20-1_us_1969.pdf
United States upper air & synoptic plotting chart (1974)

JPG: wpc-7-15-5_1974.jpg

PDF: wpc-7-15-5_1974.pdf
South Central United States (1952)

JPG: wpc-faws4_1952.jpg

PDF: wpc-faws4_1952.pdf

Station Locator Charts

Weather Plotting Chart: United States

JPG: slc-1.pdf

PDF: slc-1.pdf
Weather Plotting Chart: Southwest Asia

JPG: slc-5.jpg

PDF: slc-5.pdf


U.S. Tornadoes 1930-74 (Theodore Fujita)

JPG: fujita_us_tor.jpg

PDF: fujita_us_tor.pdf
Norman radar worksheet, 1963

JPG: koun_radar_1963.jpg

PDF: koun_radar_1963.pdf