If you want the ultimate weather access system without spending a lot of money, check out our CYCLONE systems. They tap into a wealth of free data, generated by National Weather Service systems and uplinked to their network of GOES geostationary weather satellites. You'll get at least 5 to 10 MB of data piped into your hard drive every day, stored in plain ASCII format and accessable by your favorite weather programs and text editors! You can even distribute the data on your local network and allow easy, simple access throughout the office using our freeware EMWIN Agent software.

Want a system that's checked out and ready to work right out of the box? Our Cyclone computer systems are preloaded, configured, and checked out. We guarantee it will work immediately -- no conflicts or other headaches to worry about. All you need to do is install the dish, plug in the demodulator, and you'll be receiving data in minutes!

Please check out the features below, then shop around. We're confident you'll find we offer the best value anywhere!


  • CYCLONE sales & information sheet (PDF)

  • Installation guide, 3 ft dish (PDF)
  • Installation guide, 6 ft dish (PDF)
  •                                 CYCLONE
    Earth Station
    Total System
    Total System
    This is the receiver-decoder box only. You must have a dish and LNF (DTV/DSS dishes will not work). A complete package with all the hardware you need! Works with any Windows computer (486 or Pentium). A complete desktop package ready to run right out of the box! A complete laptop package ready to run right out of the box!
    Advanced EMWIN signal receiver; receives the L-band subcarrier and decodes the data channel; outputs a 9-pin serial ASCII data feed. Includes RealEMWIN reception software for your Windows computer and Digital Atmosphere weather mapping software.
    3-foot satellite dish for receiving EMWIN (L-band) signal. Includes both pole mount (2.5" diameter) and patio mount (needs only a flat surface) for your choice of installation methods. Includes 75 ft of RG-6 cable. If you need a longer run, you may use up to 200 ft of RG-6. If your run is longer than 200 ft, ask us for pricing on a signal amplifier.
    Desktop Tower Computer, Hewlett-Packard Celeron 900 MHz tower with Windows XP, 17" monitor, 128 MB SDRAM, 60 GB HD, 48x CD-ROM, 3.5" floppy, 56K modem, and mouse. All software preconfigured, tested, and ready to run.
    Laptop Computer, Acer or equivalent Celeron 1066 MHz with Windows XP, Ethernet port, 14" TFT display, 128 MB SDRAM, 10 GB HD, 24x CD-ROM, 3.5" floppy, 56K modem, and Li-Ion battery pack. All software preconfigured, tested, and ready to run.
    Unrivalled customer support by E-mail or a toll-free call, 7 days a week, 15 hours a day.
    One-year warranty on all hardware.
    Unit base cost,
    UPS ground shipping included  

    Optional upgrade to 6-foot dish. The regular dish with our systems listed above is excellent in most conditions except in a torrential downpour. A 6-foot dish will give you the ultimate margin of reliability. Pole mount package requires a vertical pole. Patio mount requires only a flat surface. POLE MOUNT

    Optional on-site installation and training. Tim Vasquez will come to your location, install the equipment, and spend up to half a day training you and your staff. If you desire, you can get trained on even the most technical aspects of meteorology, radar interpretation, forecast techniques, and using warnings. Available to all customers, including individuals. Allow 25 days. $995

  • We do not ship outside the United States. Orders received from a non-U.S. address will be discarded.
  • The billing address must match the shipping address for all EMWIN orders.
  • Purchase orders are not accepted.
  • Normal turnaround time is 1-2 business days
  • If you ordered a computer package, allow up to 7 days for your system to be built and tested

  • Frequently asked questions

  • Are there really no operating costs, fees, etc?
    There are absolutely NO fees or subscriptions to use EMWIN. EMWIN is a free, unencrypted L-band data broadcast provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The datastream was developed with open access in mind. All you need is the equipment to receive it. If NOAA decided to levy charges on its users, rest assured there would be a massive outcry among the emergency management community.

  • Can I receive data outside the United States?
    The EMWIN satellite is visible from most of the western hemisphere, so you can receive data whether you're in New York or Nicaragua. Most products, however, apply to the U.S. and the Pacific Ocean. Note that we do not ship equipment outside the United States.

  • Will I lose data if my EMWIN computer loses power?
    Yes; data is not buffered in the receiver. However, depending on datastream load, some critical products are sent twice over the datastream to make sure anyone who happened to received block errors gets the product. It is recommended that you avoid rebooting the computer or use an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) unit.

  • Do you recommend I buy a 6-foot dish?
    This is up to you. In practice, when aligned and polarized correctly a 3-foot dish has outstanding reception quality, except during periods of extremely heavy rain (this typically lasts only several minutes and is slightly better than rain fade that occurs with DTV dishes). If rain fade may be a significant problem for you, choose the 6-foot dish. If you upgrade later, the cost increases to $350.

  • What kind of data will I receive?
    Surf on over to Colorado State's EMWIN server and take a look in their directory. This is the exact data you'll be receiving on your computer from the satellite feed. This consists mostly of forecasts, warnings, watches, special weather statements, climatology, zone forecasts, hourly METAR observations, radiosonde data, and volcanic and emergency messages. The data that is not included is numerical model output, WSR-88D products, and frequent satellite imagery. For this you will need a high-bandwidth satellite feed called NOAAPORT (we don't sell this, but be prepared to pay at least $10,000 for a decent ground station).

  • Do I need a phone line?
    No. The EMWIN satellite feed is received by a satellite dish. You can get data whether in Memphis or in a remote cabin in Alaska.

  • What is the advantage of buying your equipment?
    We select manufacturers with proven, reliable components that have an excellent track record. No lockups or port conflicts will interfere with monitoring the weather.

  • How quickly are warnings received?
    Satellite transmissions delivers warnings and critical data much faster and more reliably than via Internet connections. Most Internet warning servers tend to get slow or overloaded during severe weather due to high demand.

  • Can I run other software on the Cyclone computer?
    Cyclone can be used to run Microsoft Office, use the Internet, and handle many other tasks while it receives incoming data.

  • Can my state agency or school receive a discount?
    No; we believe that all users are entitled to equal and fair pricing. Therefore we have one low price for all users.

  • Do you accept purchase orders?
    Yes, we accept purchase orders from local, state, and Federal government organizations in the United States. Send a legible, original purchase order to the fax address listed on our contact page. Terms must be net 30 days or less. We reserve the right to deny an order for any reason. Purchase orders are not accepted from individuals, corporations, and private entities.

  • How dependable is your company?
    Weather Graphics Technologies has been the leader in PC weather software since 1992. Your purchase is backed by our reputation and product support commitment. For more about us, see here.
  • For general information about the EMWIN datastream, see our EMWIN information sheet or visit the official EMWIN page!

    For questions about our systems, contact us.