Museum of Dumb Highway Design
Oddities of the Oklahoman & American transportation infrastructure

Okay, I can't gripe too much about our highway system... after being in places like Kenya I've learned that some American farm-to-market roads are in better shape than the main highways in developing countries. Still, though, there are some quirks and entertaining oddities I've seen, especially here in Oklahoma. This page is my tribute to them.

Freak Highway Placement
What happens when a highway just doesn't fit in with the locale, or vice versa. And sometimes it's because of poor planning.

Ridiculous Designs
What happens when the civil engineer has been hitting the crack pipe too hard.

The McDonalds Exit
This is the only Interstate exit I'm aware of that routes through a fast food parking lot. It's in Oklahoma -- any surprise there? It's got to be seen to be believed.

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