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The Art of Storm Chasing (1999)

Special note about this video: This video is two decades old, and the equipment section is outdated. However, the meteorology, storm targeting techniques, and safety sections remain rock solid. Even in the 2020s, it still is useful as an introduction to chasing and how it was done "old school" style.

Weather Graphics Technologies, known since 1992 for its unique, high-quality niche software, has extended its projects to include an incredible storm chase video -- The Art of Storm Chasing. Produced by Norman, Oklahoma veteran chaser Tim Vasquez with the assistance of chase gurus Gene Rhoden and Tim Marshall, the video is an insiders' look at storm chase techniques, strategy, equipment, and safety with a style that combines the vivid, fun chasing overview in Prairie Pictures' The Chasers of Tornado Alley with the cornerstone spotting techniques presented in Gene Rhoden's Stormwatcher video.

The Art of Storm Chasing skips past basic storm information and fluffy chase segments commonly found in cable TV shows and other productions and jumps right into the heart of chase tactics. You'll head to the high prairies with veteran chasers, see descriptions of their equipment, learn about the "chaser common" radio frequency, find how various kinds of supercell storms are approached, join in on chaser convergence, and much more! With unbelievable storm structure views, smooth time lapse, subtitled date-place titles for most photography, and vivid footage, it pleases veteran chasers and beginners alike!

The Art of Storm Chasing is broken down into three main segments:
* EQUIPMENT -- A 15-minute introduction covering radio gear, power inverters, portable computers, cameras, and camcorders.
* FORECASTING -- A five-minute, quick and dirty introduction to 500 mb chart analysis, surface analysis, and mesoscale analysis as it relates to severe storms
* TECHNIQUES -- Covering well over 30 minutes, you'll see and learn about various storm features, chase tactics in different situation, and safety topics.

With unrestricted technical content that's light on theory and complex information, The Art of Storm Chasing makes an entertaining tape for experienced chasers, an educational introduction for new chasers, and an informative summary for spotters. Weather enthusiasts, emergency management officials, and students alike will be fascinated and thrilled by this in-depth coverage of the fine art of chasing.

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