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Thank you for actually penning these books. They are a wonderful review of the concepts without the excessive (but necessary) amount of math behind them. I wish they had been recommended as supplements in both my undergrad and graduate years.
— Josh Tobias
Your book series are an essential purchase for those who want to compliment the missing information they should be receiving at meteorology school. My University focused on the basics like math, physics, and dynamics. However, they didn't teach many of the advanced features that are contained in your books. I started with the Red Book which helped me during my post university training at an international aviation meteorology school, and now I have a collection of your books and posters that line my office as reference tools as I graduate with my masters in Emergency Management. This is a very essential purchase for anyone who wants to know the hidden topics not covered at the universities!
— Jonathan Blake Rodriguez
As an operational forecaster I wanted to say thank you. The way books like yours get right to the point and provide an in-depth overview of the wide range of meteorological topics being covered has been helpful in my forecast career.
— NWS forecaster, NWS Norman OK
I have used Digital Atmosphere for quite sometime and consider it to be one of the most straightforward, omprehensive, and operationally useful programs on my server. I have found it to be invaluable for my day-to-day analyses and forecasting as well as my ongoing research. Tim is also extremely helpful and absolutely indispensable when it comes to locating scripts, the best datasets, and even professional contacts to help make any organization as productive as possible.
— Chris Robbins
Thanks Tim for your quick response (we like that at FedEx) about our Professional Versions! As we're a 24/7 operation, we're look forward to augmenting our present weather system with Digital Atmosphere.
— Mel Bradley
FedEx Operations, Memphis TN
Your books are incredibly technical and useful. I consider myself a very amateur weather watcher and feel that I am already ahead of the curve. Thank you.
— Terry W. Taylor
I run and manage a number of festival type events and Digital Atmosphere is able to produce charts that I can use for normal weather forecasting with a fair degree of accuracy and in particular wind speed and direction that is crucial to many of events.
— Robert Connolly, GI7IVX
We do run GEMPAK and all the Unidata software, but your package has numerous advantages, the biggest being Windows.
— Midwest university user
I am very impressed with what you have done. I have already shown several people at work your site. I plan on talking to our MIC soon to see if we can get Digital Atmosphere in the office to complement/supplement AWIPS.
— Ken Simosko
NWS Pocatello
I received the Weathergraph package today and it was in great condition.  The chart was bigger then I had anticipated.  Obviously I didn't read the full description.  Very nice. Thank you and tell Tim thank you also.
— Bill Griffith, Idaho
I travel around the country teaching basic weather forecasting and radar interpretation to County / Parish Emergency Management Offices. I use most of your books as reference guides for my lecture and refer to them often.
— ---Emergency manager
I'm a recent Mississippi State operational meteorology grad. We used many of your books in those courses, and these videos have been an excellent ongoing supplement to my education. Many thanks!
— ---Brian Shrader
WRAL/Raleigh, 2021
The Forecast Lab content, your books and your software are indispensable resources in my personal interest in weather matters as a hobby. You've been very generous with your time and knowledge.
— Weather hobbyist
Iowa City, Iowa, 2020

Discover cutting-edge software and authoritative books designed for weather enthusiasts and professionals alike. Developed by Tim Vasquez, a former Air Force meteorologist, these tools provide you with capabilities predict and understand weather patterns like never before.


Our forecast books are not school textbooks or scholarly works -- they are guidebooks and references for practicing meteorologists and are perfect for not only professionals but hobbyists, broadcast meteorologists, storm chasers, pilots, flight dispatchers, and anyone who deals with forecasting on a regular basis.

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Explore our diverse range of weather forecasting software, designed to meet the needs of hobbyists, professionals, and agencies alike. From plotting detailed weather maps with Digital Atmosphere to testing your forecasting skills in dynamic simulations like Forecast Laboratory and WX-SIM, our products offer cutting-edge tools and real-world scenarios to enhance your meteorological expertise.

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Weather Graphics offers an extensive range of archival weather data products, including the Global Surface and Upper Archives, Data By The Day, ARGON, and the Master Location Identifier Database (MLID), catering to a wide audience from meteorologists to researchers. Each product is designed for easy integration with popular software, ensuring accessibility and utility for professional and educational purposes alike.

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