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Incredibly detailed charts going back as far as 1979!
If you don't want a random case, select from the dropdown list of events.
There's upper level charts for 250, 500, 700, and 850 mb.
And there's the all-critical SKEW-T diagrams.
At least 50 storm chasers will be trying to figure out whether to head out the door or stay home, and a lot of it will hinge on the outlooks and products you release.
Don't issue a tornado watch on a bust day, or the chasers will be pretty ticked off!
All storm dates contain a narrative summary and forecast discussion so you can compare notes.

Storm Forecast Simulator

Forecast trainer & severe weather data archive

Can you get your chasers to the storm?



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Software for Windows

Storm Forecast Simulator is a forecast training system containing 232 of the biggest chase days in severe weather history! Watch the day unfold, issue an SPC risk area and a severe weather watch if warranted, and as the day continues you'll see 50 simulated chasers react and target the forecast area. Graphics for all days have been equalized to a common format so that it's difficult even for an experienced forecaster to tell whether a case date is for 1983 or 2003!

Storm Forecast Simulator features
* 18,700 graphic products for 232 storm dates in 1979-2009. Any of them may be printed, exported, or copied to the clipboard. Best of all they're in GIF and JPG format so you don't even need to install Forecast Simulator -- just browse them with your favorite graphics viewer!
* Full 1 km high-resolution visible satellite imagery, every hour, for ALL chase days. It doesn't matter if it's 1979 or 2009 -- you have crisp, high-resolution satellite imagery! Much of this data came from NCDC data recovery delivered to us on IBM Ultrium cartridges and has never been viewed since the original storm date!
* Hourly surface charts, 12Z and 00Z upper air charts, and 12Z and 00Z soundings are provided for all case dates to help you work on your diagnostic skills.
* Surface and satellite data can be easily animated to see how conditions are changing over time.
* Time progression system ensures that you progress through a chase day hour by hour, limited only to those products available at that hour. There's no way to "sneak a peek" ahead at future hours until you're ready.
* Chaser success is evaluated continuously using hourly SPC plots of severe weather. See whether your chasers are missing the action or capturing great photographs.
* Hidden date feature, if turned on, ensures that you begin a new case without the slightest idea of what you're looking at. All dates are obscured, and we've even gone through pains to obfuscate the position of upper air sites that relocated in the 1990s (a clue experienced forecasters often are well-aware of). You can even narrow the random case selection down by weather regime type, significance, and range of years.
* If you don't want to run the Storm Forecast Simulator, you don't have to! All images are in standard GIF and JPG format, sorted by date, for viewing with your favorite graphics program.
* Significant storm dates are limited to the Great Plains. Sorry, no coverage of New York supercells or Michigan tornadoes, though we may release an expansion set at a future date.

List of case dates

Here is a full listing of case dates. You may not want to look at this as it may spoil a surprise event if you play the simulator: Storm Forecast Simulator case date listing