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Station Locator Charts

Station locator charts are poster-size, colorful reference maps that identify current weather station METAR identifiers, WSR-88D NEXRAD sites, and NWS Forecast Offices. Great hung in a wall frame or placed underneath a Plexiglas cover on the forecast desk. Also recommended for aviation operations centers, base operations offices, airports, and FBOs, as most ICAO identifiers coincide with airfield locations. All data was up to date at printing time. The station dataset is derived from the comprehensive Master Location Identifier Database maintained by Weather Graphics. The map is shaded according to elevation. Printed with 4-color dye sublimation process on 51# matte paper.

NOTE: Note that due to the density of observing stations, not all stations can be marked with an identifier without producing an illegible map. However we have made reasonable efforts to accommodate labels for major stations where possible. We welcome suggestions for improvements in future editions.

Station Locator Chart SLC01 (US)


Ships in about 1 week

36" x 24", scale 1:2,500,000, Lambert Conformal Conic projection. Contains federal and international stations with 4-character ICAO identifier, WSR-88D sites with 3-letter NWS identifier, and NWS Forecast Offices with 3-letter NWS identifier. Four major elevation tint bands with scale, and 1 degree latitude/longitude graticule.