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Our software download page contains links to our free applications, utilities, tools, and miscellaneous files.

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Digital Atmosphere

"Digital Atmosphere" is a software application for Windows that revolutionizes the way weather maps and real-time weather analysis are created, offering capabilities often comparable or even superior to those of the National Weather Service's high-cost systems. It provides some of the capabilities of GEMPAK and MetPy but is easy to use, allowing fast creation of custom charts. This robust program is compatible with any Windows operating system and harnesses a wealth of free data from reputable government and university sources across the internet. Digital Atmosphere stands out for its ability to import and display a vast range of meteorological data formats, offering unparalleled flexibility and depth in weather analysis. Digital Atmosphere provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for detailed weather forecasting and analysis.

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Storm Forecast Simulator

The Storm Forecast Simulator is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive training system designed for both budding and seasoned storm chasers and forecasters. This simulator runs on Windows, offering a unique blend of education and simulation for severe weather forecasting. With an impressive archive that spans from 1979 to 2009, users have access to over 18,700 graphic products across 232 significant chase days, making it a treasure trove of meteorological history. This simulator challenges users to issue accurate forecasts and severe weather watches, testing their skills against 50 simulated chasers who react based on the issued outlooks. It's a test of both knowledge and strategy, where issuing a tornado watch on a clear day could lead to frustration among the virtual chaser community.

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Forecast Laboratory

Forecast Laboratory (Version 2015) is an advanced storm forecasting simulator designed to hone your severe weather forecasting skills through an immersive experience with hundreds of actual spring days from 2010 to 2014. This expanded and updated version of the popular 2006 forecasting simulator provides an unparalleled depth of data, with 68,000 charts for 455 days, including major outbreaks, typical weather scenarios, and null events. Whether you're engaging in Case Study mode or testing your forecasting mettle on a random day in Chase Mode, the simulator offers a realistic and challenging environment for both enthusiasts and professionals. "Chase Mode" throws you into the action with a random day's data, challenging you to deploy your chasemobile based on morning charts and adjust your strategy as the day unfolds. "Case History" mode allows unrestricted access to the extensive chart archive without the gaming aspect.

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RAOB stands as the pinnacle of sounding software for Windows, renowned globally for its unparalleled capabilities and innovative features. This multifaceted program transcends traditional boundaries by decoding over 35 different rawinsonde data formats, offering a comprehensive suite of analyses including a variety of sounding diagrams, 3-D hodograms, vertical cross-sections based on time and distance, and intricate mountain wave turbulence diagrams. It computes countless indexes for stability and storm forecasting. Beyond its core functions, RAOB showcases over 100 atmospheric parameters, such as icing, turbulence, wind shear, cloud formations, and inversions. It is also equipped to generate forecast soundings. This makes RAOB not just a tool for data interpretation but also a platform for engaging with and understanding complex meteorological phenomena.

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WX-SIM stands as a testament to the convergence of passion, expertise, and technology in the realm of meteorological forecasting. Developed meticulously over 25 years by Tom Ehrensperger, a dedicated educator from Atlanta with a Master's in Physics, WX-SIM is not just a forecasting model but a tailored solution to site-specific weather prediction needs. This desktop meteorological forecasting model distinguishes itself by focusing on a singular location, offering precise weather forecasts for that very spot, unlike broader regional models. At the heart of WX-SIM is a sophisticated blend of observed conditions and centralized NOAA forecast data, enriched by an advanced physics model that meticulously simulates the local atmosphere's nuances. This fusion of real-time data with complex atmospheric physics ensures forecasts of remarkable accuracy for any chosen location.

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Weather Graphics introduces Clima-Sim, a groundbreaking "build your own" climate modeling software crafted for Windows environments. Authored by Tom Ehrensperger, the mind behind the acclaimed WX-SIM weather simulator, Clima-Sim is designed to forecast long-term climate changes, including temperature, solar radiation, cloud cover, and albedo averages. This gridpoint model stands out by offering users the ability to simulate global circulation and manipulate an extensive range of astronomical, physical, and chemical Earth parameters, providing insights into daily, monthly, and annual temperature variations for a typical year. Users can customize continental layouts, simulate different atmospheric compositions, and even adjust solar irradiance levels to explore various climate scenarios. From educational settings to science fiction world-building, Clima-Sim offers a versatile platform for anyone keen on exploring the dynamics of Earth's climate system. Whether you're an educator, student, or enthusiast, Clima-Sim invites you to experiment with the planet's climatological parameters and discover the intricate balance that governs our global climate.

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