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Weather Graphics is your source for weather forecasting tools, software, and books.


"Thank you for actually penning these books. They are a wonderful review of the concepts without the excessive (but necessary) amount of math behind them. I wish they had been recommended as supplements in both my undergrad and graduate years."

— Josh Tobias, 2017

  "I have used Digital Atmosphere for quite sometime and consider it to be one of the most straightforward, comprehensive, and operationally useful programs on my server. I have found it to be invaluable for my day-to-day analyses and forecasting as well as my ongoing research. Tim is also extremely helpful and absolutely indispensable when it comes to locating scripts, the best datasets, and even professional contacts to help make any organization as productive as possible."

Chris Robbins, iWeatherNet

"The quality of your products is second to none."

— C. Brian Batey

"Thanks Tim for your quick response (we like that at FedEx) about our Professional Versions! As we're a 24/7 operation, we're look forward to augmenting our present weather system with Digital Atmosphere."

— Mel Bradley, FedEx Operations

"Wow. Your books are incredibly technical and useful. I consider myself a very amateur weather watcher and feel that I am already ahead of the curve. Thank you."

— Terry W. Taylor

"The NEXRAD support is truly awesome and easy to use – and the ‘other’ feature just really tops it off. This is about my sixth email tonight – the other five being to other spotters in the area telling them they just have to download Digital Atmosphere and give it a serious going over."

— David Cashion

"I'm really looking forward to the next phase of Digital Atmosphere Workstation. I'm sure it will be as excellent as all your other products."

— Simon Keeling
Weather Consultancy Services, UK

"I run and manage a number of festival type events and Digital Atmosphere is able to produce charts that I can use for normal weather forecasting with a fair degree of accuracy and in particular wind speed and direction that is crucial to many of events."

— Robert Connolly, GI7IVX

"The archive data arrived today. WOW! What an amazing set of data! Thanks again for all the extras that you included as well!"

— Bryan Bollman, IA

"We do run GEMPAK and all the Unidata software also, but your package has numerous advantages, the biggest being Windows."

— Anonymous

"I am very impressed with what you have done. I have already shown several people at work your site. I plan on talking to our MIC [Meteorologist In Charge] soon to see if we can get Digital Atmosphere in the office to complement/supplement AWIPS."

— Ken Simosko, NWS, Pocatello

"This new version is even better than the older version which was awesome! Your programming skills and met knowledge amaze me!"

— Chris Kincaid

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Digital Atmosphere
This program is our most popular seller. Since 1997 it has reigned as the most advanced weather forecasting program for Windows! Keep track of weather systems worldwide. Used by thousands of hobbyists, mariners, and professionals, as well as the Air Force and Navy, and 15 weather agencies around the world.
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$89 Download HIT RELOAD
$99 CD-ROM package HIT RELOAD
$199 Pro Version HIT RELOAD
$59.95 GNC Chart Set HIT RELOAD
  (Works with Pro version only)
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RAOB is a favorite of seasoned forecasters. It allows unprecedented ability to view upper air soundings and analyze stability, assess shear, and make forecasts about wind and cloud cover. This is a definite must-have if you already own Digital Atmosphere!
(Current version: V5.5)
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$99.95 Standard RAOB HIT RELOAD
$54.95 Interactive option HIT RELOAD
$54.95 Analysis option HIT RELOAD
$69.95 Cross section option HIT RELOAD
$54.95 Mountain wave option HIT RELOAD
$44.95 Upgrade from RAOB 5.0/5.1 HIT RELOAD
In stock

WX-SIM is a powerful, one-of-a-kind application: a local interactive atmospheric model. You can enter data manually, or import Internet or home weather station data. The result is an accurate and highly detailed forecast tailored for your exact site: because registration includes the author's creation of site-specific custom files for you. You can even use the model in an experimental mode, simulating a huge range of weather conditions in any season, anywhere in the world. Designed and written by Tom Ehrensperger.
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Requires an EMWIN station or VHF radio and audio modem (more info is available here). RealEMWIN the most advanced and easiest program you can get for your EMWIN datafeed. Sort NWS bulletins, get notified instantly of warnings for your location, and much more! Designed and written by Rob Dale.
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In stock


Weather Forecasting Handbook
by Tim Vasquez, 2001, 204 pp.
Our classic book on weather forecasting techniques. Chapters cover fundamentals, observation, physics, fronts and jets, motion, barotropic systems, baroclinic systems, convective systems, and more! There's no math or difficult concepts to struggle with, and all of the text is geared toward operational (real-life) forecasting. Now anyone can learn to do it like the pros!
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Weather Map Handbook
by Tim Vasquez, 2003, 170 pp.
It's a book that is not geared toward concepts but to actual weather charts available on the Internet! Over 50 types of weather charts are explained in detail, including all upper charts one at a time. Many tips are presented on how to forecast using each chart. Extensive information on WSR-88D NEXRAD products, as well as on symbology.
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Forecasting Red Book     NEW!
by Tim Vasquez, 2004, 136 pp.
The Weather Forecasting Red Book is a groundbreaking reference that breaks away from theory and helps forecasters tackle everyday prediction problems. The book contains a wealth of information on real-life techniques, methods, and forecast systems. It draws upon a considerable body of experience by the weather services of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The first section deals with observational systems, explaining what quantities of wind, temperature, and pressure really mean. The analysis section defines the standards for map analysis, color schemes. A forecasting section has over a hundred pages of forecasting techniques, pattern recognition, and basic ideas and principles. And of course the important facets of numerical forecast models are explained in detail. If it's needed at the forecast desk, it's in here.
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Extreme American Weather     NEW!
by Tim Vasquez, 2004, 136 pp.
Learn about dozens of major weather events that hit the United States between 1899 and 2004. It's not just the human-interest side of the story but includes actual weather charts and meteorological "deconstructions" to help forecasters anticipate future events. Highly entertaining and informative! There's also twelve full-fledged analysis exercises and thought questions for you to work through, each being a major historical weather event. All answers are in the back.
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Storm Chasing Handbook
by Tim Vasquez, 2002, 298 pp.
The complete book on storm chasing, covering history, equipment, tactics, strategy, and how to get started! Also contains an extensive travel section that details key chase routes on the Great Plains one at a time, as well as radio stations, NOAA Weather Radio sites, and more. Slightly larger than normal typeface to allow for easy reading while on the road.
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Surface Archives
Complete METAR data for the period 1961 to 2005, every single day! Data covers the United States (and Canada from 1977 onward) allowing you to plot detailed weather maps using Digital Atmosphere or other programs, or to examine trends at individual stations. Contains observations every hour (9 CD-ROMs); the Professional Bundle gives you the Professional version plus Upper Archives at a savings of $50.
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In stock
$249.00 Professional Bundle
In stock

Upper Archives
Upper observations for North America for 1958 to 2002 in standard radiosonde (TTAA/TTBB/PPBB) format. Plot upper charts or soundings up to twice a day to recreate your favorite historical weather situations. Data works in Digital Atmosphere, RAOB, SHARP, GEMPAK, McIDAS, and most weather utilities. The Professional Bundle gives you this plus Surface Archives Professional at a savings of $100.
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$149.00 Upper Archives
In stock
$249.00 Professional Bundle   Click on "buy" button under Surface Archives

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