Arctic Expedition
Tim Vasquez and Shannon Key

Map of our route

Shannon and I tackled the trip by road from Dallas, Texas to Fairbanks, Alaska in my 1995 Honda Accord EX, a 6-day (one-way) journey that took us deep into the northern taiga forests on some of the most remote roads on the continent. In fact I took the precaution of having the Accord checked out, replacing the flimsy donut tire with a real spare, and packing a complete assortment of tools and emergency items. Once we made it to Fairbanks we arranged to fly by air to Barrow, Alaska, inaccessible by road and far above the Arctic Circle, to witness the midnight sun. This was an incredible journey and was something I had wanted to do for 10 years. I kept a trip log as we travelled north and took digital photos, so come along and join us in this unique adventure!

Introduction Why we did it!
May 22, 1999 The adventure begins...
May 23, 1999 Pushing through the northern plains
May 24, 1999 We reach Canada
May 25, 1999 Start of the Alaska Highway
May 26, 1999 Yukon ho!
May 27, 1999 Kluane, Snag, and Alaska
May 28, 1999 Chillin' in Fairbanks
May 29, 1999 Barrow -- another world
May 30, 1999 Back towards Yukon
May 31, 1999 Catching the ferry
June 1, 1999 Southeast Alaska by ship
June 2, 1999 British Columbia
June 3-4, 1999 The 2000-mile drive home

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